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Lebanon, PA Subdivision - Chrisland Engineering


Subdivision and Land Development Plans

Lebanon, PA Municipal Engineer - Chrisland Engineering


Municipal Consulting Services and Plan Review

Lebanon, PA Reduced Fees Church - Chrisland Engineering


Reduced Fees for Christian Organizations


At Chrisland Engineering, we provide a wide range of land planning services tailored to our clients’ needs. Our services include the preparation of subdivision and land development plans, Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plans, and Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plans. We also provide several other related services such as water/sewer service planning, environmental permitting, driveway permitting, grading plans, landscaping plans, stormwater management, and flood studies. Contact us to inquire about our full list of services.

Chrisland Engineering can provide a full range of land planning services for Churches and Christian based non-profit organizations. Chrisland Engineering was founded on a principal of providing reduced fees and donations for any church or christian non-profit in need of engineering services. Chrisland Engineering will provide a reduced fee, or donate a portion of their fee, for all engineering services performed for a Church or Christian non-profit organization. Contact Chrisland Engineering for our reduced fee policy if your are a Christian organization in need of engineering services.

Chrisland Engineering can provide a full range of municipal consulting services including; plan reviews, public works contracts, roadway improvements contracts, storm sewer design, bridge and culvert permitting and bidding, stormwater complaint investigation, municipal park master planning and design, and ordinance updating.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding our services or have questions regarding a specific project which we may be of service.

2016 State Drive, Suite 4
Lebanon, PA 17042


Joshua Weaber, P.E. - President

Phone: 717-954-6513 ext 999

Email: josh@chrislandengineering.com

Valarie Weaber - Vice President

Phone: 717-954-6513 ext 904

Email: valarie@chrislandengineering.com

Mike Thorley, P.E. - Project Manager

Phone: 717-954-6513 ext 902

Email: mike@chrislandengineering.com

Jeffrey Weidemoyer - Draftsman/Designer

Phone: 717-954-6513 ext 903

Email: jeff@chrislandengineering.com

Dave Gibble - Project Manager/Draftsman

Phone: 717-954-6513 ext 905

Email: dave@chrislandengineering.com

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